First Grade Links




Lots of Math Games

First Grade Skill Builders    

Math Baseball (add & subtract)

Soccer Shootout (subtraction)

Follow the Pattern

Counting Pennies

Match Numbers with Words

Flashcard Clock

Hop To It

Poddle Weigh In

Cute Stylized Poodle clipart

Color by Number


Number Track


Simple Addition


Paint by Numbers

Ladybug Adding

Math Magician

Occupation Cartoon of a Magician Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat clipart


Test the Toad

add & subtract

Number Line Express

Complete the Pattern

Color Patterns icon


Take It Away


 Addition Game

Count Us In

Cartoon Bowling Ball Flexing clipart


Match the Shapes


Subtraction Fact Lesson

Jax and a Ball clipart


I Spy Shapes


Snakes and Ladders


Counting Money

Count along to 100

Day at the Beach Subtraction

Wooden Chair on the Beach clipart

Count the Stars

 Clock Wise


Place the Penguin

Place the penguin



Mend the Number

Base Ten Game

new school clipart image: today lesson chalkboard with abcs and 123 and books and apple

Simple Subtraction

Clip Art - Child Thinking of Numbers


Mathionaire Addition Quiz

One Plus One Equals Two clipart

Addition Surprise 

new school clipart image: a row of colored pencils for drawing by artists

Willy the Watchdog

Alarm Clock with a Colored, Lit Up Face  clipart

Spooky Sequences

Ten Frame

Clip Art: Big Red Pencil



Money to Build a Robot   

Subtraction Facts

U Fix It

Bug AdditionRed and Black Spotted Beetle clipart

Number Pyramid


Dartboard Game

Darts and Dartboard



Word Family Sort

Pounce on the Word

I Can Read

Controlled Vowels

girl reading

      Word Play

tiger clipart

Starfall       Reading

Clifford's Phonics Game 

sm-clifford-colorin.gif (70194 bytes)

Clifford's MatchingGame

BBC Story Circleanimal clipart cow


Vowels and Consonants

ABC Connect the ABC's - 2.3 K


Mighty Book Stories

Funny story books in verse and rhyme that teach reading skills with words read out loud.

Word Drop

dancing books


Reading and Writing

A Little Girl Reading To Other Children clipart

Prongo Sight Word Game

Read with Clifford

What Comes next?

Bookmark Factory

Opened Book

Word Match

Nina's Naming Game

Sandcastle Quiz


Rhyming Words

Cartoon of a Boy Wearing a Beanie Hat with a Propeller clipart


Word Maker

Cartoon Bowling Ball Construction clipart

Make a Story

Large View

I'm Reading


Words and Pictures


Can You Make a Sentence?



Alphabetical Order - 4.4 K

Chicken Stacker

Logo: National Geographic Young Explorer

Long and Short Vowel Practice


Story Line

reading in a tent

Sandcastle Quiz

Spelling Word Practice

Month by Month

Merry Christmas


Valentine's Day Fun

ht4.gif - 0.7 K

St Patrick's Day


Halloween Activities

Boo.gif (4419 bytes)

Thanksgiving Fun

Christmas Fun

Christmas tree

President's Day

Ben playing checkers.

Easter Fun


Unit Theme

Zoo Animal Switch

Smart Snack Orchard



Smiling Bright


A Walk in the Woods

Reading About KS Symbols

Trees Are Terrific



Let' Talk About Insects



Key Seeker

animal clipart monkey

Ladybug Games

Toon Ladybug

Simple Simon Apple

Connect Four Apples

Build a City

City Bus Driving Past Skyscrapers clipart


Dance Mat TypingTry stage one


Senses Match Up

Ladybug Maze

Sparky the Fire Dog

Five Senses

Free the Beach



Clean Up Your World

Cartoon globe. Free space clipart piece from collection

 Earth Day