Kindergarten Page

Kindergarten Skills



ABC Adventure

Clip Art: Alphabet Set 1: A Color

Alphabet Zoo

animal clipart giraffe

Long Vowel Sounds A I O Clip Art: Alphabet Set 1: O Color

Long Vowel Sounds Clip Art: Alphabet Set 1: E B&W

Fuzzy Lion Earslarge cartoon lion graphic


The Quiet MachineDeep Pink

Matching Letters

BBC Story Circle

animal clipart cow


alphabet match



The Alphabet


PBS Kids


Trees Are Terrific

Zoe's Day

Alphabet Action

Letter Puzzle

Clifford's Sound


Super Why

Orson's Farm

Literacy Center

Animal Poems

ABC Order - 4.4 K



alphabetical order



Alphablocks making the word sat

Penguin, Penguin

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Key Seeker

animal clipart monkey


Logo: National Geographic Young Explorer

Sesame Street


Super Why!: Alpha Pig - Paint by Letter


CVC Maker

Count to 100


Kid's Stories and Songs

Professor Garfield

Reggie Rhyme

Rhyme Time

Large View


That's a Fact

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Paint Brush Math

Green paint being applied by an artists paintbrush clipart

Number Track


Count the Stars


Virtual Goose

Realistic Mallard Duck clipart

Tamba's AbacusCounting games - Tamba's Abacus


How Big Are You?

Length Strength

worm on ruler

Counting 11 - 30


Bug AdditionRed and Black Spotted Beetle clipart

How Many Fish


Math Magician

The Counting Game

Clock ShootBell Style Alarm Clock clipart

More or Less

Addition Penguins

String of Beads

Compare and Order

Compare and Order

Numbers 1-6

                     Farm Addition

animal clipart bird


Ten Frame


Number Order

123 Order


Mend the Number

Numbers to 100

Count Your Chickens

Count the Shapes




Count Us In

Number Concentration

Addition 1

Waterdrop Wagging His Finger clipart

Meet Paul Pattern

Starfall MathGeometry & Measurement


Adding Bricks

Brick Mason

Unit Themes

Zoo Animal Fun

Elmo's Fire Safety

Elmo Clipart



On the Farm

Five Senses

A Walk in the Woods


Clean Up Your World


Build a Park


Build a Neighborhood

Month by Month

Halloween Activities



Christmas Fun


Mother's Day

Mothers Day Clipart

Christmas Games

Christmas tree


Valentine Fun


St. Patrick's Day


Easter Fun