The Plains Indians eat buffalo and use every part of the buffalo.  The Plains Indians use the bones for tools and silverware.  Blood is for soup and the kidney, brain, and heart were used for food. Skin was used for clothing and blankets.  The Plains Indians also ate rabbits and other plains animals. The Plains Indians used rabbit fur and sewed it on to cloth like bison skin. The Plains Indians got water from rivers or lakes.


Plains Indians used buffalo for clothing.  They used all of the buffalo for their clothing.  They used beads for the rims of there clothes.  The Plains Indians used thread to keep their cloth together.  They used turkey feathers for their clothes. 
The Plains also used other animal skins for their clothes.  They used moccasins for shoes.  They used finger leather bear claws, porcupine quills, and colors from vegetable dyes and beads from the white men.

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