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Do you want to know about the homes of the Woodland Indians?  Well let us tell you.  The names of the houses are the longhouse and there is one that was like a dome shaped house.  The longhouses had a smoke hole at the top middle of the house for the smoke to get out from the fire to keep them warm.  They had a fence around their homes and they were 20 feet high and it kept out enemies.  Now about the dome shaped house.  They have a leather door and the dome shaped houses were built outside of the fence.  Now you know about the Woodland Indians homes.


Do you know what the Woodland Indians ate?  The Woodland Indians ate fruit, deer and bear meat. Small animals like rabbits, woodchuck, {fish, walleye, bullhead and Sturgeon {pike, corn, Vegetable, were, more, food that the Woodland Indians ate. They also ate grouse duck, goose, turkey, beans, and squash, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.  Now do you know what the Woodland Indians ate?


Do you know what the Woodland Indians wore?  The Woodland Indians made their clothes out of animals.  Kids from ages 8 or under don't have to worry about wearing clothes.  The boys would wear deerskin shirts and decorate them with feathers.  The woodland boys also wore some pants that were made out of deerskin.  Older women and girls would wear deerskin skirts.  In winter boys and men would wear bear, panther, and beaver fur.  The Indians also wore moccasins their feet.  Women and girls wore buffalo skin in the winter with the fur of the buffalo on the inside.  The Woodland Indians also would soften wood to make diapers, and some clothing.  The Woodlands would make jewelry and wear it around their necks, ankles, and wrists.  The men and women made jewelry out of seeds, bones, shells, animal teeth, stones, and feathers.  The Woodlands also wore headbands decorated with feathers.  The boys and men would decorate their clothes with shell beads, stone disks, porcupine quills, feathers, and animal fur.  Now do you know what the Woodlands wore?

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