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Food and Clothing


The Algonquins lived in dome-shaped houses.  The Iroquois used trees to make their homes.  They eat deer and rabbits.  The Cherokee used mud and grass to make their house.  The Choctaw house is made of palm leaf.


The Woodland Indians usually ate deer or bear meat, but they ate other foods like rabbit, pike, woodchuck, walleye, bullhead and sturgeon. The birds they ate were grouse, duck, goose and wild turkey.  They would cultivate corn, beans and squash in their gardens.   
They usually ate stews of meat and vegetables. From fields and forests they would gather berries and other fruits and nuts such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, wild plums, cherries, apples, mushrooms and nuts like acorns, hickory and butternuts.             


The Woodlands Indians cloths were made of deerskin. They also wore breechclout and deerskin wrapped around their legs and waists.  In the winter they wore leggings.  They wore moccasins for shoes.  Also they wore dried corn tied to their belts.

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