Fifth Grade Internet Activities 
Updated August 2007   

Fifth Grade Internet Activities are listed below.  If you find an activity that you would like to use with your students, send the Internet address to your school's webmaster.  She can then put it on your grade level links page in the computer lab. Then all you have to do is bring your students to the lab and do the activity!

Choose a subject area below:

GPS Games

Blogging Tutorial-Ms. Weaver

Learning Station Log-in Page

Brainchild Log in Page



Digital Portfolios
click here and choose "Save"


Discussion Groups
Here are some protected chat rooms that you can use with students.  Email Rita Betts or Sherry Unruh for the password!


William Allen White Reading List


Fling the Teacher Games (created by district teachers)

Fling the Teacher (Metaphors, Similies, etc.)

Fling the Teacher (prefixes and suffixes)

Fling the Teacher (Fifth grade math problems)







Main Idea

Sample Standardized Tests

"Nym'       Families

There, Their and They're Quiz

Fake Out!

Wacky Web Tales




5th Grade Reading Test 2003

Homonym Game


Kansas Reading Assessment Vocabulary
Provided by USD 373 Coaches

Past and Present Verbs

Spell Check



5th Grade Reading Test 2003

Homonym Madness

Idiom Zone


Adjectives to Adverbs

Online Spelling Lessons




Super Synonyms Match Up

Metaphor and Similie Examples


Grammar Blast
(scroll down to 5th grade)





Awesome Antonyms Match Up

Fact or Opinion





Sentence Type Game








Types of Sentences

Compare/Contrast Writing Activity
(comparing colonial trades to jobs today)

Six Trait Writing Ideas Page

Interactive Venn Diagram
Good for teaching comparison and contrasting

Text Structure Matchup

Power Proofreading




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Math Part One

click here to see online math manipulative
for 5th graders


Brainchild Online Math Assessment


Magic Square

Math Quiz Site  (Choose the quiz you'd like to try)


Multiplication/Division Decimals Money Measurement Fractions Rounding


Decimals Jeopardy
Play with 1 or 2 people

U.S. Mint Games

Measuring Activity Using Inches
(to the 1/4)

Comparing Fractions and Decimals

Rounding Flashcards

Mental Math Drills
(+,-, /, and x)

Finding Place Values of Decimals

Addition of Money

Measuring Activity Using Inches
(to the 1/8)

Fraction Frenzy

Rounding Concentration Game

Division Facts Practice

Addition of Decimals

Change From a Purchase


Comparing Fractions

Rounding Match Game


Subtraction of Decimals

Coins For Change


Adding Fractions

Rounding Off

Long Division Lesson

Railroad Repair
(students repair the tracks with decimals)

Change Maker


Equivalent Fractions


Late Delivery

Place Value of Decimals    

Understanding Fractions


Decimal Games (shockwave)


Visualizing Fractions


Fishy Fractions
Choose a level and begin a game.



Math Part Two
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Geometry Problem Solving Graphs


Place Value

Practice Tests

More About Angles

Mystery Math


Estimating to the Nearest Thousand

Place Value Game

Test Prep
(Grade 5)

Virtual Protractor


Mode, Median, Mean
(lesson and activity)

Stick or Switch?
(a probability game)

Place Value Quiz


Geometry Flashcards


Create a Graph
Choose a graph type

Fish Tank
(a probability Game)

Place Value Practice


More on Transformations




Interpreting Data Activity

Estimating to the Nearest Thousand











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Social Studies 

American Revolution Unit Plan
created by Carol Goering and Kathi Bogner 


Constitution Day is September 17th

Activities and Ideas


Native Americans


Scroll down and click on your tribe.  Nothing here on Tlingit tribe.

Ways of Life

Choose a tribe on the left to see more information:  crafts, clothing, etc.....

Tlingit and Lakota Information

Good information for these 2 tribes on clothing, shelter and food


Hacker Trail Supply List


Explorers Government The New World Colonial America Westward Expansion Map Skills Lewis and Clark

Walk the Plank

Civil War for Kids

The First Thanksgiving

Updated 11/06

13 Colonies

Westward Expansion Resource Page
(USD 373)


Travel West with Lewis and Clark-an Interactive Game


Christopher Columbus

Three Branches of Government


lRevolutionary War Quiz

The Changing United States


Lewis and Clark in Kansas


Save the Bill of Rights

-Online activity.

Jamestown Online Adventure

American Revolution


Longitude Quest

Historic Steps of Lewis and Clark

Explorer Websites
-information for researching

Preamble to the Constitution-Schoolhouse Rock

Virtual Jamestown

Colonial House

A very comprehensive resource site for colonial studies

Louisiana Purchase

Crack the Code -Students solve a mystery using longitude and latitude clues. 

Lewis and Clark Cyberhunt

Walton's Explorer Page


John Smith's Voyages of Exploration

The National Archives

Trail Blazers
(Lewis and Clark)
Great Site!

Online Map Creation
(latitude and longitude reinforcement activity)


Columbus Timeline


Jamestown Fort


Oregon Trail Site


Columbus Scavenger Hunt


Quick Revolutionary War Tour

Everything You Want to Know About the Westward Expansion



Explorer Jeopardy



Go West With Lewis and Clark



 Explorer Battleship


Causes of the American Revolutionary War Webquest

Great Site on Pioneers and Wagon Trains


USD 373's Revolutionary War Research Page

Oregon Trail


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Solar System Rocks Space Shuttle Sites

Spacetime TV

Rock Cycle
(Identify between 3 kinds of rocks)

Space Shuttle Schedule

Solar System Trading Cards


Fun Answers to Questions about Astronauts

Nasa Kids Club Page

Games and activities.

How Rocks Are Formed


Space Exploration NASA



Windows to the Universe

Interactives: Rock Cycle


(BBK Site)

Mystery of the Floating Rock


Mars Up Close
(excellent video and goes great as follow up to rock unit)

Become a Rock Expert
(Then take the quiz!)


New Solar System Site



Solar System


Planet Escapes


Amazing Space

Enchanted Learning Solar System    

Arty Astronaut