Third Grade Internet Activities


Third Grade Internet Activities are listed below.  If you find an activity that you would like to use with your students, send the Internet address to your school's webmaster.  He/she can then put it on your grade level links page in the computer lab. Then all you have to do is bring your students to the lab and do the activity!

Choose a subject area below:

Reading Writing Math Science Social Studies





Online Stories Phonics Site Words

Main Idea/

Vocabulary Poetry
Between the Lions Online Stories Starfall High Frequency Words Online Quizzes over Main Idea Arthur's Story Scramble Arthur's Un-Matching Game Limerick
Beatrix Potter Online Stories Word Magnets Dolch List Practice Compare/Contrast Quizzes 200 Reading Exercises Book Vocab Match Giggle Poetry
Topsy Turvy Tales Short Vowel Practice Dolch Flash Cards Kid's Lab Main Idea Tutorial Scrambled Stories Word Central Student Dictionary Online Wizards and Pigs
BAB Books Word Builders   Main Idea Practice Page   Multiple Meaning Words Poetry Teachers
  Blends   Making Predictions   Word Play  
  BBC Words and Pictures          

William Allen White Reading List



ABC Order
Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms
Sentence Structure
Suffix Prefix
ABC Order Quizzes
Compound Words
Contraction Practice
Quiet Quest for Opposites
 Wacky Web Tale Mad Libs
Build a Sentence
Suffix Practice
Punctuation and Capitalization
Advanced Alphabetizing
Spell Check
More Practice
Tooth Tally
Online Grammar Games (scroll down to your grade level)
Patchwork Game
Irregular Noun Plural Exercise
Power Proofreading (be sure to click on your grade level)

Guide Words to the Stars

Arty Smartypants
Contraction Crossword
Feast of Homonyms Game
Grammar Gorillas
English Eggs (this is a little tough)
Prefix Page
Gamequarium Punctuation Games
Online Practice
Do you know about antonyms, synonyms, homonyms, contractions, and compounds?
Talking Gizmo
Monkey Business

Letter Generator
(Students learn the parts of a letter and write one)

Math One


Click here to see online math manipulatives for third graders!


Place Value
Telling Time Money
Batter Up Baseball Place Value Puzzler  Cross the Swamp Great Site for Teaching Time!
Time for Time
How Much Money
Hidden Picture Grouping by 10's and 1's Multiplication Arrays Stop the Clock Counting Change
Addition Surprise Place Value AAA Math Math Mastery Cyberchallenge Half Hour Quiz Equivalent Sets of Coins
Arithmetic Four Expanded Numbers AAA Math Math Mayhem Flashcard Clock Money Tutorials
Bowling Subtraction Place the Penguin Lemonade Multiplication Clockwise How Much Change?
Subtracting Three Digits Place Value to 1,000 Multiplication Table Number Sense Matching Time Piggybank
  Big Numbers Color Creations Analog Flash Cards  
      Matching Time  


Math Two

Measurement Fractions Geometry/
Interactive Teaching
Problem Solving
Estimating Metric Length Beginning Fractions Find the Other Half Basketball Rounding Find Hurkle
Perimeter of a Square AAA Math Identify Fractions Perimeter Practice Rounding Off Data Interpretation Games Gamequarium
Magic Ruler Fraction Match Symmetry More or Less Estimator Problem Solving Boa
Virtual Geoboard Equivalent Fractions Naming Faces Estimation Contraption Problem Solving Tutorial
Measure It! Fraction Shading Mirror Imaging Can you fill it? Test Practice
Customary Measurement Equivalent Fractions Shape Book Estimation Hundreds Bead Numbers
Adam Ant measures perimeters Revisewise Megashapes Rounding Flashcards Game  
Customary Measures Concentration Egyptian Cat Fractions Tesselation Town Rounding Online Tests  
Liquid Measurement (look for Chapter 9) Math Splat Tangrams Estimating the Sum by Rounding  




Prairie Animals

Food Chain


Owl Pellets

Sedgwick County Zoo

Planet Pals


Virtual Owl Pellet Disection


Kidport Science Page


Food Chain Puzzle




Food Chains and Webs Resource Page


Magnet Lesson Plans and Experiments




Magnet Madness


Social Studies

Native Americans

Washington, D.C.


Famous Kansans

Plains Indians

Camera over Washington 

Famous Kansans Webquest

Famous Kansans PowerPoint Student Sample

Native Americans of the Plains


Kansas Timeline

PP Template

Bison Facts


Famous Kansan Pictures


Plains Indians Quest



Who Were the Plains Indians?



Uses of the Buffalo